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Teaching & Training
2002 Date Place

Findings of the IPCC Third Assessment Report and the relevance to Climate Strategy in Sri Lanka (Report available)

3rd January 2002 HARTI, 114, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7

Sustainable Energy and Transport Policy Options for Sri Lanka
(Report available)

1st March 2002 Hotel Renuka, 328 Galle Road, Colombo 3
Workshop on IPCC - TAR and Climate Change Research for Sustainable Development (Proceedings published)


4th & 5th June 2002 Ceylon Continental Hotel, Colombo 1

Expert Consultation on Policy Priorities for Sustainable Development (Report available)

14th August 2002

Ceylon Continental Hotel, Colombo 1

Expert Consultation on "Policy Priorities for Sustainable Transport (Report available)

14th September 2002 Hotel Renuka, Colombo 3

IPCC Expert Consultation on Climate Change and Sustainable evelopment (Proceedings published)

5th -7th March 2003 Trans Asia Hotel, Colombo 2

Expert meeting on "Disaster Vulnerability, and Sustainable Environmental Management Policies" (Report available)

14th July 2003 HARTI, Wijerama Mw, Colombo7

Workshop on Climate Change and Sustainable Development
(Report available)

8-9 June 2004 HARTI, Colombo 7

Peoples' Consultative Meeting on "Disaster Management and Prevention in Sri Lanka"
(Report available)

6th January 2005 HARTI, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7

International Training Workshop on 'Capacity Building for Climate Change and Sustainable Development'
(Report available)

30th May to 2nd June 2005 Trans Asia Hotel, Colombo
2nd International conference on sustainable hazard reduction - rehabilitation, reconstruction and long-term development (report available)
11-12 January 2006 SLFI
National w/shop on sustainable hazard reduction and disaster management (report available)
13-14 June 2006 SLFI
  • Workshop on Integrating Coastal Community
  • Resilience into National and Sectoral
  • Institutions and Policies
  • 22 February 2007 HARTI
  • Integrating and implementing
  • S &T policy and projects
  • Within thenational sustainable
  • Development Strategy


  • 30 August 2007 SLFI

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